Another week, another round of intriguing trailers to get us excited for upcoming movies, and believe it or not we don’t have a lot of massive-budget blockbusters this time around. Instead we’re talking about a new Ben Affleck thriller, a new Chris Pine thriller, the latest Tom Hanks/Ron Howard team-up (which probably actually will be a blockbuster) and more.

Check out some of the week’s best trailers below.

A lot of people still like throwing a lot of shade at Ben Affleck, but I get excited when he gets to stretch his legs as an actor, and this movie seems to fit that bill. Affleck stars in the title role as an impossibly gifted numbers man who always seems to be a sociopath, filling his spare time with assassin work. It looks to combine the alienation of being a true genius with the tension of a proper thriller, and if it pulls it off, Affleck will have another gold star on his resume.

Anytime Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain, The Life of Pi) decides to grace us with a new moview, it’s a joy, and this year he’s back with the story of an Iraq War veteran (Joe Alwyn) who is paraded around the country as a hero, even though he doesn’t necessarily feel like one. The dichotomy between the celebration of bravery and the sense that bravery is often associated with tremendous pain is intoxicating, and we know Lee has a knack for this kind of emotional depth. Add in a supporting cast that includes Vin Diesel, Kristen Stewart, Steve Martin, and Chris Tucker, and you’ve got an awards contender.

I love it when Ethan Hawke gets to go dark. In this film, Hawke is a drunken, driven father determined to make his sun (Johnny Simmons) into an all-star pitcher. The pitcher, named Hopper, is naturally gifted and packs a mean fastball, but the often torturous training his father subjects him to has led to intense psychological harm. Also, I’ll watch any movie with Paul Giamatti in it, so this one’s on my list.

Chris Pine and Ben Foster are two working class who watched their mother suffer at the hands of a predatory bank in search of mortgage payments she couldn’t make. So, naturally, they embark on a rather cavalier quest for revenge, robbing the banks that they feel choked their mother’s life away. It could be another flimsy satirical look at America’s corrupt finance system, but the trailer is certainly winning, and I’m always in the tank for Jeff Bridges doing a weird accent.

Remember The Da Vinci Code? Yeah, they’re still making those movies. This year Tom Hanks is back for a third round as symbol expert and conspiracy unraveler Robert Langdon, with director Ron Howard along for the ride. In this installment, Langdon must team up with Felicty Jones’ Dr. Sienna Brooks to track down a plague that could wipe out half of humanity. The stakes are definitely higher this time, and even Howard’s dullest films turn out stylish and pretty. This could be fun.