PHOTO COURTESY OF [The Guardian]( / [Mark Makela](

PHOTO COURTESY OF The Guardian / Mark Makela.

The Guardian has put together a gallery of photos taken inside the home of Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, and they can only be described as Lebowski-esque (as in Jeffery Lebwoski, not the Dude). From the looks of it, Carson’s house is adorned with nothing but awards, press clippings and religious paraphernalia.

While it might seem like Carson is full of himself, there’s really nothing wrong with taking pride in personal achievements. If I had any awards to speak of, or pictures of myself meeting the President of the United States, I’m sure I’d plaster them all over my walls. And if Carson loves the Jesus so much that he wants to cover his house with religious paintings and Bible verses, that’s his business.

However, one picture in particular stands out as a little peculiar:

That’s right. Ben Carson has a painting of himself chilling with Jesus, and it’s been hanging on the wall in his home since at least 2009. As Carson himself told Baltimore Magazine:

Their strong faith is also a guiding force. “We are very spiritual people so you will see a lot of Bibles around the house and things that are indicative of that,” says Carson, who attends a Seventh Day Adventist Church in Silver Spring. “I don’t have to be politically correct here.” He points to … a painting of him with Jesus…

It’s not so much a matter of political correctness as it is a matter of extreme tackiness. It’s one thing to have a picture (or pictures) of Jesus hanging on your wall. It’s another to insert yourself into that picture. All gaudiness aside, it just looks like a bad Photoshop a 10-year old would post on Facebook:

Via Facebook/[WeKnowMemes](

Via Facebook/WeKnowMemes.

Via Facebook/[WeKnowMemes](

Via Facebook/WeKnowMemes.

Although in all fairness, it looks better than that botched Jesus restoration in Spain from a few years back.

It’s a hacky joke, and it’s not really fair, but I feel obliged to point out that the painting inaccurately depicts Jesus as white, while Carson is inaccurately depicted as black. Zing. Ugh. I’m the “drive-by media” Rush Limbuagh is always bitching about. Although in all fairness, Ben is making it really hard on himself. Honestly, how can anyone be expected to ignore something like this?

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(Source: Mark Makela, The Guardian)