Ben Carson’s presidential campaign scrambled to delete posts on Facebook and Twitter after it made a pretty absurd error, considering the source: It shared a map of the United States in which five New England states were located in the wrong place.

Here’s the original post:

And here’s a side-by-side, so you can see how disfigured the map is:
[The Washington Post](

The Washington Post

The best part? It’s apparently Geography Awareness Week. National Geographic created the observance because “too many young Americans are unable to make effective decisions, understand geo-spatial issues, or even recognize their impacts as global citizens.” Clearly, National Geographic, this is not simply a problem plaguing the youths.

On the one hand, Ben Carson’s campaign blunder is ridiculous and an embarrassment to us all. On the other, it has certainly raised awareness about geography.

We’ll call it a wash.

H/T The Washington Post