Bernie Sanders met with President Obama at the White House on Thursday, and he announced that he planned to “work together” with Hillary Clinton to defeat Donald Trump. However, as much as that sounds like the senator from Vermont is finally accepting math’s victory over democratic socialism, Bernie also gave an impassioned, rambling, rally speech in Washington on Thursday evening that sounded familiar to anyone who has watched him campaign.

Yep. He’s still in it. And though Sanders had a lot of soapboxing to do for its own sake, he was not placing the race for the White House in the past tense. He repeated his “this campaign is” refrain shout-out to oppressed minorities such as undocumented immigrants and Native Americans. He gave ladies props and said they should be paid equally. He was, in short, still doing what he does.

The speech packed in every single Sanders bullet point. He wants to tax the rich, have fewer wars, fix criminal justice, have a “massive federal jobs program”, change immigration, be more environmental and more and more and more. Lots to do for a man whose primary competitor has declared herself the winner.

There was no talk of conceding on Thursday.

As much as it appears that Sanders really tried his damndest to win, his campaign was always a lot closer to a Ron Paul-like philosophy experience than a cold, pragmatic, winning one. Or rather, maybe it’s not that he never had a chance, or never wanted to win, but that Sanders, like Ron Paul and his youth “movement” of 2008 and 2012, is happy to use every platform available to regale crowds with his analysis of what’s wrong with America and what could be made right with a President Sanders.

Hell, just because Sanders can’t win, what’s in it for him to quit? Every cheer for him gives Clinton a reason to let herself be pushed farther left. Sanders’ fans are the reward, but if he keeps enthralling them until the convention, he’s going to make Trump and Clinton work for their allegiance.

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