You can say the craziest, grossest, most absurd and outlandish thing you can think of on Tinder—as long as it isn’t too political, as 23-year-old Robyn Gedrich recently learned. Given that Bernie Sanders has been attracting a hefty portion of young voters, it wasn’t exactly a wild idea to drum up support for the Democratic presidential candidate on an app that’s become a go-to in the Millennial social toolbox. So she went for it, and now, as of last night, she can’t go any further.

Her system was simple (same as many frat boys on the app): Play the numbers game. Gedrich swiped right on every person who showed up, though the app’s limit is 50 per day. She’d reach out to each match, she explained to Tech Insider.

“I started it about two weeks ago when we got that snow storm in New Jersey. There’s so many lazy millennials that would never read about Bernie unless someone sent it right to them [on Tinder].“

Source: Tech Insider

Source: Tech Insider

Gedrich is not an official volunteer for the Sanders campaign. She just wants to see change, saying, “He makes me have faith again that our country can be a better place and even make the world a better place.”

But Gedrich has since been taken out of commission on the app with no head’s up, she says, despite Tinder claiming a standard three warnings before account action is taken. She was busy, though. Before the app stopped working on her phone, Gedrich figures she chatted up 600 men, with dudes’ responses ranging from “Trump 2016” to “We are all doomed.” Some actually asked questions about Sanders and offered their own thoughts.

”I was happy to see that people who once didn’t know anything about Bernie learned about him and the corruption he’s fighting.”

That’s why if she gets her Tindering powers back, she’s going right back to seeing what dudes are feeling the Bern. Maybe you just have to make politics sexy.