Via Flickr user [Doug Kerr](

Via Flickr user Doug Kerr.

Everyone knows that Internet lists and rankings are pretty worthless (not our lists, though. Our lists are solid). In fact, the only thing more played out than lists on the Internet is complaining about lists on the Internet. But sometimes, it’s still necessary, and this is one of those times.

Just in time for October 31st, ranked the best and worst American cities for Halloween. That sounds interesting enough, but the results are questionable at best.

Let’s take a look.

1 - New York, NY

Via [Francisco Diez](,_New_York_City_(HDR).jpg).

Via Francisco Diez.

OK, fair enough. While that might be a tough pill to swallow for some Bostonians, New York is one of the greatest cities in the world. I’m not sure what lends it specifically to Halloween fun (Lots of nightlife, I suppose), but it’s a safe answer. What city is next?

2 - Jersey City, NJ

Via [Diliff](

Via Diliff.

Really, Jersey City? It’s number two in the country for Halloween? That’s weird. Maybe it’s spillover from New York? What’s next?

3 - Newark, NJ

Via Flickr user [Doug Kerr](

Via Flickr user Doug Kerr.

Oh, f#ck you, WalletHub! Who wrote this list, Cory Booker?

I have no interest in kicking a city when it’s down, but come on! You’re telling me the city with the third highest 2013 murder rate is also the third best place to spend Halloween? I suppose if you’re looking for a great place to be terrified, Newark is for you. But that wasn’t part of the methodology.

According to WalletHub, the cities were scored on factors such as safety & surroundings, parties & activities, and Halloween weather. Under parties & activities, the number of Halloween candy shops and costume stores per 100,000 residents was a factor. Considering temporary costume stores tend to pop up in vacant store fronts, I can see why Newark might have an edge in that respect. But otherwise, I have a hard time believing Newark is a better place to spend Halloween than Denver, San Diego, Las Vegas, or almost anywhere else in the country besides poor Detroit (sorry, Limp D).

Strangely enough, WalletHub’s 2014 list of the best cities for living an active lifestyle ranked Newark and Jersey City at 98 and 99, respectively. Only Laredo, TX, ranked worse. Coincidentally, guess what city is number 5 on this list?

5 - Laredo, TX

Is this Halloween list some bizarre attempt to apologize to the cities WalletHub previously called fat? Or are fat cities so overrun with candy stores that it skews the rankings of the Halloween list? We may never know. But at any rate, here are the ten best and ten worst cities for Halloween according to WalletHub. Take it with a grain of salt.

Best Halloween Cities:

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Worst Halloween Cities:

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