Diets are a drag, because, hey, you deserve good stuff in your life. After a long week of brutal work days and salad lunches, you want to spring into the weekend like you’re going off the high dive.

You want to flee the healthy workweek like a murder scene and crash into your days/nights off like it’s some new wave festival that’s half Mardi Gras and half Brazilian Carnival. But even as you roll into the bar in a strut that makes the whole scene feel slow-mo, there remains an annoying voice that sounds like a condescending Jiminy Cricket, whispering, “Diiiiiiiieeeeeeeet.”

So you look at the bar and it suddenly that gorgeous pinwheel of booze vibes like a third-rate Vegas buffet spread. You stop in your tracks and sigh, trying to figure out what you can drink that won’t make you barf with regret. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. As Picture Fit points out, you can still drink low-calorie highballs if you know what’s what.