Pity the man that still has to wear a suit to work everyday, because ‘tis the season for pit stains. As great as summer suiting fabrics have become, even the most breathable material isn’t going to help when you’re packed into a subway car with no air conditioning. You’re still going to emerge looking like you swam a few laps.

No one is immune. Even if your office attire is just a T-shirt and shorts and you walk slowly so that your heart rate never exceeds 50 bpm, the sweat is still gonna come. Hence the need for a summer grooming routine. There’s the shearing of the winter beard and the shorter summer haircut. But you also need a summer deodorant. Something that will both allow you to put one hand above your head without reflexively reaching up to cover your armpit like it’s some kind of peep show and you’re the censor, and keep you smelling nice so that your crush doesn’t mind nuzzling under your arm.

These seven deodorants all fit the bill and will keep your pits from being the pits this summer.

via Ursa Major

via Ursa Major

$18, ursamajorvt.com
Vermont-based Ursa Major has been focusing on cleansing and shaving products, but they just came out with a new deodorant. The all-natural stick is aluminum free and has a bright eucalyptus and ginger scent that feels cool from the moment you put it on.

via Journeyman

via Journeyman

$18, wearejourneyman.com
Journeyman is a grooming startup that just makes deodorant—and they do it well. Started by two surfing buddies, Journeyman is part of 1% For The Planet, so one percent of all sales go toward environmental nonprofit organizations. The Journeyman stick has soothing aloe vera and organic chammomile and a woodsy fragrance that makes you want to go outdoors.
via Aesop

via Aesop

$35, aesop.com
If you think deodorant only comes in sticks and aerosol cans, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by Aesop’s spray option. It isn’t cheap, but it combines 11 essential oils that basically vaporize your B.O. And Aesop is one of those brands that is guaranteed to impress your date if she checks your medicine cabinet.
via Baxter of California

via Baxter of California

$19, baxterofcalifornia.com
A great option for guys with sensitive skin, Baxter of California’s anti-perspirant uses tea tree oil to prevent irritation and witch hazel to stop inflammation. The citrus and musk aroma is the right balance of masculine and fresh.
via Kiehl

via Kiehl’s

$16-$19.50, kiehls.com
Kiehl’s makes great lotions for your body and that includes under your arms. Rather than a stick, Kiehl’s deodorant is a cream that absorbs quickly into your skin. It is unscented so don’t expect a strong aroma to waft out, but it has the added benefit of making your underarm hair softer.
via Dove

via Dove

$4.99, dovemencare.com
The Dove Men+Care anti-perspirant is designed to keep your underarms from getting sweaty for 48 hours, so if you miss a day or spend the night somewhere else (nudge, nudge, wink, wink), you won’t have to worry about being drenched or stinking. The Clean Comfort scent is fresh without being overpowering.
via Jack Black

via Jack Black

$16, getjackblack.com
The name alone is awesome. Jack Black’s deodorant stick keeps your pits dry like a bawse. It contains aluminum so it’s not the best option if you’re prone to skin irritation, but your underarms will definitely be moisture-free.

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada.

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