Take this news with a grain of salt—or maybe a side of honey mustard: Fried chicken is the best food to order on a first date, according to a new study from the dating app Hinge.

Let’s put some quotes around “study,” though, because all the actual scientists presumably had better things to do.

Hinge, a dating app I had never heard of until now, but only because I’ve been married for 73 years and the game has long since passed me by, surveyed over 8,000 members in New York, San Francisco and other big cities about their best and worst first-date experiences. The daters turned over lots of illuminating data, such as which NYC spot was most likely to lead to a future rendezvous (the Penrose on the Upper East Side), and which first-date setting isn’t conducive to a second (for Bostonians, the movies).

But the best survey responses indicated which foods and beverages were most impressive on a first date. Across the board, fried chicken seems to seal the deal: Twenty-four percent of users preferred to charm their partners with a bucket of crispy goodness. Vegan fare followed closely behind at 23 percent, with sushi (19 percent) and pizza (15 percent) showing up, too.

At just 9 percent, the least inspiring food was pancakes, because no shit.

And with what beverage should you pair your fried chicken? Fifty percent of respondents had the most success with a Bloody Mary, which seems weird, but hey, it’s your future. Old-fashioneds (35 percent), beer (27), wine (23) and tequila (20) made up the rest of the list.

I wish you the best of luck taking your Tinder match to KFC.