Among Destiny players, one weapon stands above all the rest. And that weapon, called “Gjallarhorn,” is currently available for any player to easily purchase—for the first time in a year.

Gjallarhorn is a ludicrously powerful rocket launcher that fires an explosive that detonates to spray out a bunch of smaller, heat-seeking explosives. It’s also extremely difficult to come by. Some players have struggled through hundreds of hours in the game and never come across one. Others have been graced with out-of-the-blue unexpected drops of the gun. It’s all at the whim of Destiny’s randomness.

Until this weekend, that is, when players are able to buy the Gjallarhorn from the mysterious in-game merchant called Xur, for only the second time ever.

Xur only shows up for two days each week, and he deals in the most powerful, exotic weapons in the game—but he only carries a small stock, and no one knows what it’ll include until he arrives. He did sell Gjallarhorn once before, in the second week of the game’s life. Back in September. Before anyone knew what the hell it was. Since then, players have been desperately hoping it would show up again.

Hope that 11-month wait was worth it, everyone, and that the next big Destiny expansion, The Taken King, doesn’t totally ruin Gjallarhorn with its upcoming changes. Enjoy your lion-headed death spraying bomb machine until then.