A lot of dudes get weird about grooming and skincare products, but that has more to do with a lack of education about the benefits of keeping your face nice and clean than anything else. Perhaps that’s why most men’s grooming products nowadays are marketed more like pickup trucks for your bathroom than health food for your face, but that’s another issue altogether.

The reasons to care about your skin and facial hair are simple. For one, our skin is our largest organ and is affected by our environment in a variety of subtle and not so subtle ways, as anyone who has suffered wicked razor burn from an old blade and a rusty can of Barbasol can attest. Also, unless you have major bucks to spend (and a healthy appetite for the risks associated with cosmetic surgery), the cheapest and best way to keep your handsome face looking good is to regularly moisturize, tone and condition it.

In honor of Movember, we thought it would be a good time to share with you our easy, five-point plan for handsome grooming. Whether you’re a rustic cowboy or a delicate, smooth-skinned artiste, any dude can benefit from using the products listed here.

A few weeks ago, it was revealed that music titan and dermatological wonder Pharrell Williams has one secret for keeping ageless skin: He’s a major exfoliator. And who can blame him? Not only does exfoliating remove dead skin and impurities, it also gives you something to do in between washing your face and shaving. For a gentle touch, we love Bateman Skincare’s all-natural, super-purified version.

A wise man once said that you shouldn’t think of shaving as the removal hair from your face, but rather the nourishing of the skin beneath it. I’m not sure if he worked for a shaving company, but Kiehl’s White Eagle Cream is definitely the gold standard when it comes to gourmet shaving creams. Ditch your old industrial-grade Barbasol and upgrade to a softer, healthier alternative.

One can’t help but be a little bemused by the explosion of beards in the past ten years. Back in the day, you might lose your job for growing a beard. Now, you might lose points with your boss for having a crappy one. And while you can’t change your genetics, you can certainly make whatever you can grow as soft as can be by investing in some all-natural beard oil. Maybe you don’t need to shave for that big meeting, but you could definitely use some extra shine.

We’re firm believers that anything that is good enough to saute your kale with is good enough to put on your face. If you’re tired of fussy men’s grooming products, we highly recommend copping some organic, unrefined coconut oil and using a small dab (about the size of a dime) daily to moisturize your face, or any other areas that need to be lubed up. This may be the only edible product in the world that you would want to use in both your kitchen and in your bathroom, but please remember to buy separate containers for each location.

Much like your legs or biceps, your face could also benefit from some toning. A few spritzes of organic rosewater after a shower or shave can do wonders to tighten up your pores, balance your skin’s pH and restore its moisture. Don’t be fooled by the delicate packaging—Alteya Organic’s version is manly to the core. Back in the day, this stuff used to only be available to royalty, so take advantage of the crumbling of the monarchy by treating yourself like a king.