This might have been the year that traditional programming – awards shows, sporting events, music videos – officially became less entertaining than the deluge of GIFs in their wake. So we rounded up 11 of our favorites from this very colorful year in pop music, including injuries, #penisgate, awards-show shade and mind-melting lapses into the surreal. And Adele.

Jesus Christ, Left Shark was this year? I need a drink.

At the Grammys in February, Kanye’s audacity was outshined by Jay and Bey’s reaction — from horror to laughing-through-the-relief – as he threatened to ruin the night of yet another winner.

Seconds before, Prince sauntered onstage and made this expression, which would soon prompt the entire watching world to think, “God I’m glad I’m not Beck.”

The Edge hovered Christ-like off the lip of U2’s catwalk before plummetting into the crowd in Vancouver.

Enrique Iglesias wins the year’s award for Most Modern Injury, grasping a camera-equipped drone in front of 12,000 Tijuana fans, catching his fingers in a propellor and heroically continuing the set with a bandaged hand and blood-smeared white shirt.

Never one to be outdone, Dave Grohl headbanged himself right offstage at a Foo Fighters show in Sweden – and immediately got his broken leg bandaged up, returned to the stage and finished the set with his brand-new cast propped before him.

While he didn’t draw blood or break any bones, Harry Styles, who’s munched more than once in his stort time at the top, took this epic spill when One Direction played San Diego in July. #OhNoHarry

Lenny Kravitz FTW. Or, as Kravitz’ colleague Steven Tyler said after the Stockholm surprise, “Dude… No underwear and pierced… Fuck me.. You never showed me that shit.”

Meanwhile, in Shadesville, Nicki Minaj had two words for Miley Cyrus, who had spoken to the New York Times about Nikki’s supposed failure to be “kind” or “polite.”

Peak Adele hit in October with the release of her “Hello” single, and the people of the world stopped needing to actually conjure expressions of sadness on their own faces; why would you, when you can just IM this masterpiece?

The dancing. The sweater. I just… but… he’s… he’s like the coolest guy on earth right now. Right? Calm down. Just stare at this GIF until midnight falls on New Year’s Eve and everything will be okay.