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No Matter What’s in the Background, Jen Selter’s Booty Will Be the Focal Point of Any Picture

Magical 💥

A photo posted by Jen Selter (@jenselter) on

I’m not sure what the nicest part of this image is. On the one hand, it’s an absolutely stunning view. The sky is a gorgeous mix of pink, orange, yellow, and purple. It’s spread over some breath-taking clouds, which hover across a seemingly never-ending bed of water, which reflect the same colors. Off in the distance there are some mountains, which makes me believe this is taken somewhere exotic. The entire scene is the epitome of beauty. It’s the stuff that post cards are made of.

Then again, on the other hand, there’s Jen Selter in a bikini. Yup, that’s better. That’s a lot better.

Here’s some more from Jen Selter; enjoy the views:

Baby!!! 🐶

A photo posted by Jen Selter (@jenselter) on

Happy first day of June! Congratulations on your completion of the #JenSelterChallenge! YOU DID IT!  It takes 22 days to break or make a habit – you’ve exceeded that number, and now I challenge you to keep it. The challenge was designed to make you feel great – to give you an opportunity to get up, get out and get going! I hope each and every one of you are feeling better than ever.  Whatever your goal was going into this challenge, I sincerely hope you saw progress and you should take pride in your accomplishments! If you found this challenge to be helpful, I encourage you to restart the challenge and compare your best scores/times to see the progress you make. It’s amazing when you can see (and feel) the difference. That’s motivation in itself. But don’t stop there!  A healthy body takes time and effort.  Results are possible through effective workouts and healthy choices in the kitchen. Exercising is linked to many health benefits and should be made a priority. GIVE YOURSELF A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR MAKING HEALTH A PRIORITY THESE LAST 30 DAYS! I’ll still be checking the #JenSelterChallenge tag to see all of your continued progress and support you as you continue to reach your goals. Whenever you’re feeling unmotivated, find inspiration around you; I hope this challenge gave you the opportunity to find inspiration in others, just like I find inspiration in you. ❤️ Thank you for participating, I’m your #1 fan and you can look forward to more challenges in the future! In the meantime – keep moving! PS: the giveaways aren’t over yet 👀

A photo posted by Jen Selter (@jenselter) on

Summer ready 👙 #ThatPushupTho 😂 #JenSelterChallenge

A photo posted by Jen Selter (@jenselter) on

Who are you? What defines you? When someone asks you "tell me about yourself?" What do you tell them? So many of us are caught up in lives we feel we can’t escape. We let a job define who we are and we accept less than what we’re worth. Rather than cultivating a life we want, we endure a life that is. Don’t settle for mediocrity. It doesn’t have to be that way. What you do doesn’t define who you are & your circumstances don’t determine your outcome. You have a choice. YOU define who you are. You’re so much more than the professor who won’t give you an A, or a boss that makes you feel less than. CHOOSE to eliminate negativity. CHOOSE to be happy. CHOOSE a career you LOVE and $$ will follow. You have the CHOICE to decide what’s important and what your values are. Make choices to achieve those goals. CHOOSE your life and take actions to make those choices your reality. #JenSelterChallenge -> Announcing week 3 winners tomorrow! 🎁😃❤️ Make sure your instagram is public!

A photo posted by Jen Selter (@jenselter) on

💁🏻 follow @squatspo for some booty motivation!

A photo posted by Jen Selter (@jenselter) on

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