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6 Best Skincare Products You Can Buy on Amazon

6 Best Skincare Products You Can Buy on Amazon:

You may feel invincible right now, young man, but you’re getting old. And so you’ve got to act a little older. The days of just laughing off that sunburn as it heals quickly, abusing your face with cheap shaving cream and drying out your skin with chemical-laden body wash are coming to a close. It’s time to step up from the drugstore brands you’ve been using in the bathroom since freshman year of high school and start taking care of that unruly husk of yours that you call skin.

But the last thing you want to do is go to a bunch of department stores and have people squeeze samples on you while a cacophony of smells from all the products suffocates you. Going on Amazon to buy all the products you need would make life so much easier. We’ve tested the best men’s skin care products available on the Everything Store so you can keep looking fresh for years to come.

01-DukeCannon-ShaveCream skincare-amazon

Duke Cannon

For those guys who like a little bit of old-school musk to their grooming products, then look to Duke Cannon. The crew there embraces a 1950s man-of-action vibe, reminiscent of what our grandfather’s who’d seen some shit in The War would choose to shave with. They proudly proclaim that “the incredibly masculine scent of bergamot and black pepper evoke a feeling of drinking a fine scotch in a wood-paneled den.” But don’t let all the branding fool you, you’re not just taming your beard with a bar of soap and a straight razor. The company has embraced some modern formulations to deliver a close comfortable shave, including aloe for relief and shea butter to moisturize.

02-Anthony-Moisturizer skincare-amazon


You may already be moisturizing everyday, but just as important as nourishing your skin is protecting it from sun damage. So no matter what daily moisturizer you use, make sure there is SPF in it. Especially on days that you exfoliate, you need sunscreen, because you’ve scrubbed off the top layer of skin, leaving you more prone to sunburn. Anthony Day Cream leans more toward a sunscreen that moisturizes than a moisturizer with sunscreen, but keeping your face from looking like a slab of old leather is worth it.

03-JackBlack-DailyFacialCleanser skincare-amazon

Jack Black

When it comes to consistency across a whole line of products, combined with bang for your buck, it’s tough to get much better than Jack Black. Their daily facial cleanser will keep your complexion clear without drying out your skin.

04-LabSeries-Serum skincare-amazon

Lab Series

Serum? What the hell is that? Serums are less viscous than moisturizers, which allows them to penetrate deeper into the skin in order to deliver nutrients. Lab Series’ serum is designed to restore collagen production in your face to help combat wrinkles and also repair dark spots that are the result of sun damage, which will help make your skin look more uniform. As with any serum, apply this before your moisturizer, because putting on the moisturizer first will create a barrier that won’t allow the serum to absorb as deeply.

05-Baxter-FacialScrub skincare-amazon

Baxter of California

You only want to scrub your face one to two times per week. And a good scrub is going to have a natural exfoliant in them to help clear away dead skin to leave your face fresh and smooth. Baxter of California’s scrub uses cornmeal and walnut, meaning it doesn’t feel too harsh when you massage it into your mug.

06-DoveMenCare-BodyWash skincare-amazon


Okay, yeah, we said ditch the drugstore brands. You don’t actually have to ditch all of them. While some inexpensive washes you get at Walgreens have frat-boy scents and chemicals that can cause skin irritation, Dove’s body wash is a really solid option for the price. With a lot of the skin care picks in this article, a little bit goes a long way, so the sticker shock is easier to take, but with using body wash everyday, you want to stretch your dollar with this workhorse.

Jeremy Repanich is a contributing editor at Playboy. Follow him on Twitter @racefortheprize.

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