This week was packed with thrilling new trailers, and with an extra boost from the presence of San Diego Comic-Con we got some zombies to throw into an already potent mix. Check out the week in trailers below.

Release date: July 17
Marvel’s latest superhero adventure is out next week, and to celebrate the studio released a full five minutes of footage featuring Scott Lang’s (Paul Rudd) origin story, some awesome action sequences, and more.

Release date: October 16
The first trailer for Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks’ latest collaboration wowed us with its scope and performances, and now a longer version is here to give us more chills. Bridge of Spies tells the story of an insurance lawyer (Hanks) who goes to Cold War East Berlin to negotiate the release of an American hostage, and from the looks of this footage it’s poised to be a triumph.

Release date: January 29, 2016
Chris Pine (Star Trek) stars in this Disney epic based on the the true story of an amazing Coast Guard rescue that took place off the coast of Massachusetts in 1952. Pine’s terrible Boston accent aside, this looks like it could be quite thrilling.

Release date: 2016
Another ambitious original series idea from Showtime, Billions is the story of a showdown between an ambitious and possibly corrupt investor (Damian Lewis) and a U.S. Attorney (Paul Giamatti) bent on justice. The trailer, like its characters, talks a very big game, and we’re hoping the final show delivers on that.

Release date: August 21
Sinister writer and director Scott Derrickson is pretty busy making Doctor Strange for Marvel right now, but he still took time to co-write this sequel to his acclaimed 2012 horror hit. The demon Buhguul has returned, he’s preying on a new family, and it’s up to James Ransome’s “Deputy So & So” to stop him.

Release date: October 11
Season 6 of the hit AMC zombie drama arrives this fall, and this week AMC released a Comic-Con trailer for the show’s return that’s more than four minutes long. New conflicts have hit the group, new threats are rising, and everyone seems to be turning on Rick.