There are a lot of things about this map of bestselling NFL jerseys in each state that won’t surprise you. Packers top Wisconsin? Well, it would be really weird if they didn’t. Steelers rule Pennsylvania? Sorry Eagles fans, but you’ve got to step your game up and buy those Nick Foles jerseys already.

But Alaska’s No. 1 jersey? That’s the Rams. Wait, the St. Louis Rams? And what about Montana? They must be stuck in the 1970s and ‘80s with their affinity for the Silver and Black. Now, it could be the fact that the sample size is a little skewed by this only being in-state sales at Dick’s Sporting Goods stores, but it’s still a pretty chart to stare at.

Dick’s also uses this sales data from across its 500 stores and website to update this map each week and to rank bestselling jerseys daily. Who currently has the top-selling jersey in all the land this season? Everyone’s favorite backup Johnny Manziel!

Jeremy Repanich is a Senior Editor at Playboy. Follow him on Twitter @racefortheprize.