Breaking Bad was replete with characters whose backstories were points of compelling mystery. How did the deceptively normal people of Albuquerque become such hardened criminals? The question was answered thoroughly for Walter White (Bryan Cranston), but what about the parade of compelling secondary characters—like chicken tycoon and coldly homicidal maniac Gus Fring?

Better Call Saul is a means to explore the strangely criminal area of New Mexico further, and the viral marketing above, which launched yesterday, suggests that Fring will return as a significant character. The villain makes an appearance in the fake advertisement for his front restaurant, behind which his expansive meth operation is run. This could be an incredibly interesting development: Seeing how similar or different Gus’s rise to criminal power was to Walter’s could deepen the relationship between the two.

Rather than over-explain the universe, this could make repeat viewings of Breaking Bad more morally complex. We know about his early drug dealings, but what if Gus is given a human story that leads to his extreme ruthlessness? Could he have been dealt a slew of bad events similar to the events that led to Walter’s criminal desperation?

You’ll have to wait and see. AMC says the third season of Saul is set to debut sometime this spring. For now you’ll have to settle for the clip above, and the teaser trailer below.