The highly anticipated Star Wars sequel finally has a title and, unfortunately, it’s The Force Awakens. The biggest problem is that it’s going to cause a seemingly never-ending stream of jokes about the Force oversleeping or some Viagra-related title about the Force’s erectile dysfunction. To help out Hollywood just a bit, here are 21 better titles for Star Wars VII.

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Droidz in the Hood

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The Force Awakens and Wishes Han Solo Wouldn’t Wear that Ridiculous Earring

An Ewok to Remember

DJango Unfett-ed

Death Stars (The entire cast is replaced with the guys from Pawn Stars playing every role)

The Force Awakens But Then Goes Right Back Into Sleep Mode. Is This Thing Still Under Apple Care?

Now 100% Jar Jar Free!

Tyler Perry presents Madea Goes To Space

The Force Awakens, Shakes Its Defender, Gets Open, But Is Overthrown by Tony Romo

This is the New Star Wars VII…and This is the New Star Wars VII Plus

2 Starz 2 Warious

Another Battle, Another Day (Where Luke Tries to Pretend He Didn’t Make Out With His Sister)

Star Wars VII: $$$$$$$$$$