If Lemonade represented the rainstorm in Beyoncé and Jay Z’s marriage, then the brand new video for “Die With You” is the rainbow. To celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary, Bey took to Instagram and TIDAL and dropped the visual for the bare bones ballad, which she debuted back in 2015 on the couple’s seventh anniversary. In the two years that followed, Bey and Jay’s fairytale romance allegedly almost fell apart amid swirling rumors of infidelity

Bey’s 2016 Grammy-winning opus felt like a postscript on all that speculation, and though she never actually confirmed that Jay had cheated, it was plain to see the most famous couple in the world had warts just like the rest of us. But that was then. If this latest offering is to be believed, things are hunky dory once again. The one minute montage is a pastiche of home movies chronicling one of the great romances of our time. There’s the rapturous wedding, glamorous vacations, Blue Ivy doing Blue Ivy things, and of course, the latest additions to the Carter-Knowles clan, who are currently residing in Beyoncé’s womb.

Whether this video is a more accurate depiction of their marriage than Lemonade was doesn’t really matter. They control the message and this is the version of their marriage they want us to see right now. That’s totally fine by us.

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