Sound the alarm. Batten down the hatches. Stop the presses. Do whatever it is you normally do before processing a piece of earth-shattering news, because that’s exactly what this is.

During a recent interview with the Montreal-based newspaper La Presse, Michel Gondry casually let slip that he directed a music video for Beyoncé.

“I have two projects: a rather personal film about my creative wanderings while shooting a movie, with rather extreme and illogical things, and a TV series for an American channel,” the French auteur said before casually mentioning the top secret Beyoncé project.

We should note that Gondry treating the Beyonce news like some kind of afterthought should come as no surprise to anyone who’s paid attention to his career. This is the same weirdo behind music videos like Bjork’s “Army of Me,” and Daft Punk’s “Around the World,” and films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Be Kind Rewind.

In other words, he doesn’t think or operate like normal human beings do. A normal person would probably open with something along the lines of “Oh hey, I directed a top secret music video for the biggest pop star on the planet.”

That might be why Beyoncé decided to work with him in the first place. Queen Bey can work with anyone she wants, so her Gondry pick means that she has the utmost respect for his craft. It also signals a stunning change in her creative direction. Gondry is known for his playful flights of fancy—visually inventive works that often incorporate handmade special effects to achieve maximum childlike delirium. In other words, a Gondry/Beyoncé collaboration would mark a stark departure from the political urgency of Lemonade.

Let’s be clear that a new Beyoncé music video doesn’t necessarily mean a new Beyoncé album. After all, she’s coming off a major pregnancy, and whilst superhuman, not even she could possibly pull off the dual stress of impending labor and the creation of a whole new album.

Even Gondry said that her pregnancy forced her to put a hold on her creative pursuits. “Unfortunately, it’s not out yet because she [had] twins,“ he said. "But it’s a finished clip [and it turned out] very, very well, I think.”

For some reason, we’re inclined to believe him.