What did you miss from last night’s MTV Video Music Awards? The short, sweet, admittedly dismissive answer is: Nothing. Presuming you don’t care what awards were actually given out — does the network even show videos anymore? how do they know who should win? — the highlights of the broadcast were ultimately the performances. And, by most accounts, Beyoncé’s 15 minute medley of practically every song on her latest album eclipsed every other musical act that dared take the stage. Fortunately, if you missed the glittering, predictably bootylicious set that closed out the show, you can find it in its entirety on MTV’s website.

In addition to an army of scantily-clad rumpshakers, her husband, and her baby, Bey — who won the VMA’s Video Vanguard Award last night — was accompanied, as usual, by Les Twins, the disturbingly talented twin brothers she enlisted as back-up dancers a few years ago. Whether or not you’re a fan of modern hip-hop dance, you might want to reserve judgement until seeing the video clip that first brought them to my attention. There are scores of glossier, better produced, better edited videos of Les Twins on Youtube these days, but nothing conveys the scary magic of their tandem movement like this grainy, handheld offering.