The other day on Good Morning America, Beyonce disappointed. That is an EXTREMELY rare sentence, since Queen Bey more often than not exceed expectations and is the standard for human excellence. This time, though, she left us out to dry a little bit.

There was hype that Beyonce had a big announcement to make, and millions of people speculated about a new tour, a new album, or even a new baby. The big news kept being built up throughout the show and on social media until she finally made her big announcement: Beyonce had a new diet.

Great. Thanks. That’s some earth-shattering info there Mrs.Carter. Are you switching to Geico also? Care to put out a two-hour documentary on HBO about your decision to get the McChicken over the McDouble?

We were all certainly let down… Until these pictures came out, that is. In this recent photoshoot that she posted on her website, Beyonce once again reclaims her role as the greatest and shows off just how good she looks, diet or not. Maybe I should try this whole “vegan” thing she’s preaching. It looks to be working.