Leaving during the middle of a date may sound harsh, but sometimes it is the best/only recourse…especially if the person brings up Hitler’s good qualities and stares at you like you’d make a good lampshade. Probably best to just nope out. That’s what these Redditors did. Here are their disaster date stories:.

1. This is why you don’t assume

She proceeded to go on a rant about “trashy” people from divorced/remarried and single parent families, and how those people would never amount to anything. She also mentioned how she could tell I was from a traditional family with wholesome values, not some loser raised by a single mother or influenced by a runaway, deadbeat father (her words) because I was clearly raised right. At this point, I get up from the table, track down the wait staff, and ask for separate checks. As she proceeds to call me an a-hole for not paying for her meal and acts confused about why, I tell her not to contact me again, but that I’ll be sure to pass on to my single mother that people are noticing how well she raised me.

2. Not a great first impression

He turned up drunk, and brought pictures of his time in Iraq in the army with him, that he took me through painfully slowly, one-by-one. I politely excused myself to go for a cigarette and he lost it. He accused me of being rude, shouting about how no wonder I was single, and then sat on my coat so I couldn’t run away - saying that even if I did leave, he would follow me and make me sorry. At the bar, he begins throwing ice at the barmaid when her back is turned, then when she turns around accusingly, points at me and says, “She did it.” After he has his pint in his hand he goes back to the table, and I confess to the barmaid that I’m on the worst date of my life and want to run away. She pours me a shot of tequila, tells the bouncer to distract him, then helped me run away, as he banged on the window and shouted, “I’ll find you.”

3. He went from strange to racist pretty quickly

His first question was if I liked to drive my car barefoot. Then he complained that his dinner smelled like [racial slur]. I left immediately.

4. It’s best to avoid giving off a rapey vibe

Had been on a couple of dates with this guy. At his place, watching a movie. He climbs on top of me. I tell him I’m not comfortable. He does it again, adding, “I like shy girls.” Date over.

5. She’s just telling you about her past

She proceeded to pretty much give me a run down of her past five boyfriends, why the relationship failed, how each was in bed, what they all did for a living, where they all took her for vacations. I got up, said I needed to go to the bathroom, paid for my half of the meal at the register, and just left. She was busy texting someone, and didn’t even notice.

6. Racism is not a turn-on for many people

Met a girl cycling in the mornings and every morning we seemed to have the same schedule. We’d chat while we rode. We meet up for lunch talking for the first time not on our bikes. Not 5 minutes into it 9/11 comes up. She said the following: “God didn’t protect us because of the gays in NY.” “Islam should be illegal in the US.” “She saw no problem killing Muslims and/or gays.” “Non-Christians shouldn’t be allowed to vote.” She almost didn’t come to the date because there are “so many blacks in the city.”

7. I wonder what she’s looking for in life…

She would not stop talking about babies. Her friends had them, her sisters had them, her brothers had them and made sure it was perfectly, crystal clear, she did not have one.

8. Maybe he doesn’t own a mirror

It was an OkCupid date and we met for coffee after talking awhile. He had a sour look on his face when I got there, so I wasn’t expecting too much. When our coffee came out, he said, “I’m glad you didn’t ask me to pay for that, because I don’t think you should be drinking something with that many calories.” I’m a fat person, but he was way fatter than me, so I thought he was being self-deprecating. I was prepared to roll my eyes and let it go, but then he ranted for about 15 minutes about how women were getting too fat and how they should be pressured to lose more weight.

9. Arguments are conversation too

She brought up politics & religion, attacked my stance on both then pestered me about my financial stability all before they brought out the bread.

10. Worst. Hypothetical. Ever

In trying to make a point about why feminism is awful during a first date, he asked me if I’d rather be raped or sent to prison for twenty years. Not exactly sure what he was trying to explain there, but I left instead of answering.