Now that summer is here, we’re enjoying every minute of it. But our favorite part is all of the gorgeous, bikini-clad women. We love seeing these ladies everywhere from backyard barbecues to the pool to the beach. Even though we love bikinis, they can lead to a lot of embarrassing—and hilarious—moments for the women wearing them. Here are the 15 funniest bikini fails that show the bikini might not always be the best option.

  1. We’re not so sure a bikini right for everyone in this picture.

  2. Is this summer in Norway or are these girls crazy?

  3. Running in a bikini is not for everyone.

  4. Either her bottoms are too big or she’s a little too excited about what’s happening down there.

  5. This might not have been the smartest place for her to practice yoga.

  6. These bikini models need a little help counting.

  7. She almost had a perfect beach picture.

  8. Are they supposed to be worn that way?

  9. Relaxing on the beach? Don’t forget about the waves.

  10. Maybe she should stick to the ocean.

  11. Bikini malfunctions like this are definitely a win for us.

  12. Speaking of malfunctions, this was an interesting addition to the Ice Bucket Challenge.

  13. We’re sure he’s over her bikini pictures.

  14. This dog has the right idea.

  15. Scratch that, this dog has an even better idea.