Boy, have I got good news for you! In today’s age, practically every movie that you grew up loving is being re-made. If it isn’t Jurassic Park, then it’s Mad Max. If it isn’t Point Break, then it’s Dumb & Dumber. If it isn’t Family Vacation, then it’s Terminator. Basically, any movie that was the least bit popular amongst fans is getting re-made for 2015 audiences. Now, we’re getting another classic! Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure!!

Okay, it’s not exactly a movie re-make, though. Nor is it a reboot or a re-release. It’s an adult film parody: Bill & Ted’s Most SEXcellent Adventure!

Adult film studio WoodRocket, which if known for recreating some movie classics, only featuring vaginas and boners, has it’s sights set on this 80’s cult classic. The film stars Vuko, Lily Bergman, and Jessica Dawn who will be screwing their way through time and space. I can’t wait for my red carpet invite!!

To find out more about the film, head over to Wood Rocket.

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