In perhaps the last wave of actually cool celebrities visiting the White House, Bill Murray and President Obama played some golf in the oval office recently. Well, technically it is a clever ruse to help spread information about healthcare, but do we really care? It’s Obama and Bill Murray playing golf!

Obama briefly chastises Murray for his support for the Cubs, which Murray replies may be directly related to Obama’s high approval rating. Clearly, Murray believes Obama shouldn’t bite the hand of Chicagoan fortune that feeds him.

Some Republicans will get up in arms at Obama’s lackadaisical spending of time playing golf in an office. Apparently the job of the presidency has a sub clause labeled “no fun ever” and it’s one Obama is for sure ignoring.

In a masterful subterfuge of his critics, Obama establishes the golf game is actually a PSA for Obamacare. After Murray’s knee start to “bark” a little bit, they take the opportunity to disseminate some important info about the healthcare plan. Apparently being knowledgeable about Obamacare is important enough for Bill Murray to get involved, so maybe you should listen up too.