Over the last few years, Bill Murray has developed a reputation as the sort of guy who will just make cameo appearances in, well…life. He’s shown up at engagement photo shoots, tended bar for no reason, sang karaoke with strangers, and a whole host of other things. He is a master of cameo appearances, but one thing he hasn’t seemed keen on doing over the past few years is returning to Ghostbusters.

Even before Paul Feig’s new reboot, featuring an all-female team, Murray was reluctant to re-commit to the franchise even as co-creator Dan Aykroyd seemed hellbent on keeping it going. After the letdown that was Ghostbusters II, Murray didn’t want to make the mistake of trying to catch lightning in a bottle for the third time. Now, it seems he’s changed his mind, at least a little.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Murray will appear in Feig’s new film – which stars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones – in a small role. The report did not reveal his exact role, though Birth.Movies.Death. reports that he’ll play Martin Heis, a sort of “professional supernatural debunker” who’ll attempt to prove the Ghostbusters are phonies. The role is described as “really tiny,” but if this proves true it will still provide fans enough time to stand up and applaud in the middle of the movie, as one is supposed to when Bill Murray is present.

Ghostbusters arrives July 15, 2016.