Maybe it’s the benefit of decades in the spotlight, maybe he’s actually some kind of manic trickster god — not the God, just a god — or maybe he’s just a lot smarter than the rest of us, but Bill Murray has solved fame by engaging with it entirely on his own terms.

When he wants to be famous, he just launches himself like some rogue fun missile into the world, blows people minds, then disappears back from whence he came, like Comedy Batman in Cargo Shorts. You can’t find him unless he wants to be found…but when he does, it’s a storm of awesome.

To wit: Murray owns a piece of a minor league baseball team, the St. Paul Saints. So he decided to crash the game, take tickets at one of the gates, pose for a shit-ton of photos and catch the first pitch.

And this kind of thing is just the latest in a long line of random amazing that Bill Murray drops.

Honestly, if Billy Murray didn’t exist, we’d have to invent him. And then no one would believe you…because it’s too far-fetched.

(Via Vulture)