Football stadiums are great places to meet people. You’re stuck in close confinement with fellow humans, most of whom share the same sports fandom as you. So it’s not surprising that hookups happen on occasion during sporting events. But this girl might’ve gone a little too far.

The Buffalo Bills surprisingly beat the Indianapolis Colts last weekend, but it turns out not all of the action happened on the field. A Twitter user posted a message he found on Craigslist after the game from a Bills fan. Apparently while her boyfriend went to get some beers, she gave a stranger a handjob while they sat in their seats. And to make it better, she also wants to meet up with the guy again for another session. Here’s the tweet with the Craigslist message:

For those of you with bad eyesight, here’s a zoomable version of the message:

So there will be at least two Bills fans with happy memories from this season.

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