Ken Levine, the guy who provided the creative vision for heady first-person shooters BioShock and BioShock Infinite, has a new project in the works in a different alternate universe: The Twilight Zone.

As Wired reports, Levine’s still working on a traditional game with his new studio, which he started after closing down BioShock maker Irrational Games. But for a side project, he’s also writing and directing an interactive, live-action Twilight Zone movie. Audience participation will determine where the story goes as it plays out on screen.

The movie is being made by production company Interlude, which uses streaming video technology to make interactivity possible, with choices basically seamlessly starting a new piece of video depending on what you choose. If you saw the interactive Ant-Man versus Hulk Super Bowl ad for Coca-Cola earlier this year, you saw something Interlude has made. The company has also pulled in Sam Barlow, the creator of the live-action interactive story game Her Story, to work on a project based on the Matthew Broderick movie Wargames.

It sounds like Levine’s Twilight Zone movie will actually be a lot like a video game. It might have fewer of Bioshock’s ridiculous superpowers, like shooting bees out of your hands or snapping your fingers to set people on fire. Then again, it’s the Twilight Zone, and the anguish of accidentally shooting bees at people all the time could be a good metaphor. Who knows for what, exactly—that’s Levine’s job to figure out.