Driving a truck doesn’t seem so bad. They get to spend time on the open road, no bosses or annoying co-workers. They see all the interesting sights around the country. And they get to visit as many truck stop restrooms they want. The profession isn’t all glamor, as truck drivers took to Reddit to share the most bizarre stories they’ve encountered while working. Here are some of the craziest:

1. Not the Directions He Needed

My dad was a trucker for years. One time he was driving around Chicago at 3:30 in the morning trying to find the warehouse he was dropping at (before GPS). Rolled his window down to ask a little old lady at a bus stop. “Do you know where Big Company is?” “No, but I’ll suck your dick for six dollars!” “Thanks, ma’am.”

2. The Owl

Well, My dad sometimes drives a WPS shipping truck out of state and he has a couple stories but there is one that I really like. My dad was coming back one night when he hears a loud thud that sounded like it came from the front of the truck. He pulled over and finds that he had hit a huge owl and that it is was lodged in his grill, It also turns out the owl is still alive. This happened at around 12 in the morning so my dad has a great idea and decides to buckle up the owl in the passenger seat, for the first hour the owl was unconscious, but at around 1 my dad hears the seat belt move, he turns to see one pissed owl staring at him.

One of the owl’s eyes were hanging out and the owl knew that it was my dads fault. The first thing my dad now notices are the talons on this owl, they could have easily tore my dad up. Even so the owl seemed content to stay put, probably because he was pretty beat up. So my dad just turns his head back to the road and they both have one awkward trip back. He pulled over at the next gas station and calls the police, he was pretty much at the border so it took a awhile for both state departments to decide who had to pick up the owl. After that my dad decided that he has a newfound respect for owls.

3. Need a Ride

Waiting at an intersection in LA and a guy hopped up on my truck and tapped on the window. I cracked it and he asked me if I could give him a ride to work down the street. Described the place, an old warehouse, and I knew exactly which one he meant. Thing is, that place had burned years before and was fenced off. And this guy is creepy as hell, and my husband’s asleep in the back of the truck. Luckily, he backed off when I told him that I couldn’t have passengers. Glad I’m from the area though and knew about that warehouse.

4. Not Leaves

My mom was driving through Arizona when she saw what she thought was leaves blowing across the road in the distance. This puzzled her since there’s mostly pine trees in northern Arizona. When she finally got to the “leaves” she realized that they were migrating tarantulas, 1000′s of them. There were so many of them that her truck was sliding on their guts so she had to slow down. She stopped at the first truck stop and told her co-driver to fuel up (he was sleeping at the time) because she wasn’t going to step foot outside after what she just saw. Her co-driver was pissed since it was technically his time off, and he thought she was crazy, until he saw the tarantula guts and legs caked in the inside wheel well of the truck.

5. Rescue

My grandparents were truckers. One time they were driving along in BC and came across a fill station. They filled up and started to head down the road when they see a camper just sitting on the side with smoke coming out of it. They stopped and investigated and it looked as though the camper was on fire.

So my grandpa, being the crazy man he is, wrapped his hand in material and opened the door. It was a really good thing he did, because there was a family trapped. So he got them out, brought them back to the gas station, and my grandparents left. No idea what happened to the family and they never took my Grandparents’ names.

6. Bright Light

I was going south on I-75 in Georgia at around three a.m., I see this bright light maybe about two miles behind me. Not only is it super-bright, but it is on the interstate and it is HAULING ASS. It’s big too, and it’s moving faster than anything I think I’d ever seen. I’m looking into my mirror and seeing this giant light FLYING towards me and I’m freaking out. This thing closes the distance between us and FLIES past me, probably doing around 120. I had the window down and as it went past me, I felt this massive amount of HEAT. When it passed me, I could finally tell what it was! Get this. It was a hay hauler, a truck that hauls a trailer designed for hay, and the ENTIRE LOAD OF HAY IN THE BACK WAS ABLAZE.

7. Train

I was making a delivery and was crossing the train tracks in an unfamiliar town. Along the tracks were those cone-shaped pine trees used as wind breakers or privacy walls. I couldn’t see through them at all they were so thick.

Slowly I crossed the tracks. There were no red lights flashing, the oncoming traffic was blasting through there, and I had no reason to believe it wasn’t safe to cross.

Needless to say, I began crossing the tracks. Immediately past the trees I looked left and saw a train, with its light on, coming at me from about 40 yards away! I could feel the engine thumping.

I gunned it! In an automatic this means you go nowhere fast. Fortunately for me I made it. Barely!

I looked back over my shoulder and saw that it was a stupid rail yard and they were doing a turnaround and had parked that train there out of the way.

8. Tornado

My mom is a trucker. She was about to pull over and take cover until she saw another big rig that was parked on the side of the road get tossed a couple hundred yards like a toy. She called me and told me that she thought she was going to die and wanted her last words to be “I love you” to me. She pulled off the freeway and got to a Wal-Mart, where she ran into the basement where all the staff and customers were taking shelter. After the tornado passed, they stepped out of the basement and into daylight, since the Wal Mart was destroyed.

9. Ice Road

A few years back I was driving up an icy hill in the middle of winter after a snowstorm when another semi coming down the hill started to jackknife. His trailer swung out sideways blocking the entire road at around 50 mph, and heading straight towards me giving me nowhere to go, except to stop and try to back up as quickly as possible to give him a little more space to (hopefully) get his trailer to tuck back in behind him. Thankfully it did about 15 meters (50 feet) in front of me.

10. Fire

Out in remote Montana, my dad had a can of ether crack open behind his seat and spray onto the battery box, causing the interior of the truck to catch on fire while he was driving down the road. He downshifted so it would eventually slow down and aimed the truck off the road at an open field, then jumped out. I shit you not, the police counted his shoe marks on the highway — several yards apart at first. He somehow managed to keep upright, doing the Olympic triple jump down the blacktop. He did eventually fall and get scraped up badly. Then he got up, chased after his truck, which was driving a long slow circle out in that field, opened a side hatch while running beside it, got his fire extinguisher, and put out the fire.

11. Whipped Cream

A friend of mine has a relative who was/is an owner operator. One time, he was supposed to ship containers of whipped cream from one state to another, passing through the Rocky Mountains. He looked at the route that was provided and realized he could save time by taking another road through the mountains.

Once he gets to the other side of the mountain he stops for a meal or something and checks in the back. Turns out the pass he took was high enough in altitude that the pressure caused the lids to pop off all of the containers, and the inside of his trailer was covered in whipped cream.

12. Co-Pilot

I was only a long haul driver for 3 months but one of the strangest things I noticed were the number of other truckers who had life-sized stuffed animals riding shotgun. I saw one with a life-sized gorilla, a huge dog-ish…thing and a few aliens. All in their seat belt, of course, for safety. Also, the gallon sized piss bottles left in truck stop parking lots is amazing.

13. Too Tall

My dad (who just died last Nov) was a long-haul trucker from his teens until his mid 30′s. He never told us a lot of stories, except his favorite, which was when he was about 19, he went across a bridge in the middle of the night, then was surprised to be pulled over. Turns out the lights on the bridge were all wired together over the roadway–and his trailer had been high enough to catch the wires, and very efficiently pulled down every single light pole.