It’s Black Friday.

You know, the day after the day when we eat gluttonously and ostensibly talk about things we are thankful for—the day some of us go out insanely early to get sale deals.

Here are some of the more interesting photographs from 2014’s celebration of competitive consumerism.

Bald dude wants a piece of that guy’s mullet. Jim Gaffigan’s twin brother and Alex from Target are trying to calm everyone down.

What must it be like to get this fucking stoked to stroll through Target’s front door at 4 a.m.?

This man is sprinting into the store to get some good deals on athletic clothes and/or running shoes, probably.

Braving this type of crowd for a pair of shoes is unnecessary unless the shoes are free and come with a bag of gold.

The lady in the blue hoodie looks like she’s been doing Black Friday since it began. Also that she takes shit from no one.

Regrets? This man has a few.

A hamburger piggy bank is just not worth waking up early for.

These women update their battle plan near the Nerf guns, in case the crowds start getting restless and they need to arm themselves.

Line to get into Best Buy, or a soup kitchen?

Macy’s in Manhattan is confusing enough without being filled beyond max capacity.

“Look, it’s totally going to be worth it. Once we have our PS4’s, we won’t have to go outside again for at least, like, six months.”

“Get a girlfriend for winter, they said. Embrace cuffing season, they said.”

Why is that guy dressed like Mr. Hyde?