In the Starz Original Series Black Sails, information is as powerful as a galleon’s cannons, and secrets are worth more than gold. Enter Max (Jessica Parker Kennedy), a wickedly shrewd prostitute who — over the course of the first season — rose to become the madame of Nassau’s premiere brothel. As the second season launches (on Jan. 24), Max finds herself in the plum position of being able to turn the bounty of sailors’ loose lips into ammunition.

Kennedy took some time away from production on Black Sails to weigh in on our Lucky 7 Questions — and revealed a chance encounter with vintage Playboy, a predilection for Disney sea shanties and an affinity for driving stick.

What was your first encounter with Playboy?
When I was a kid my mom loved antiques and took me to a lot of antique markets. When I was 15, I came across the most amazing collection of old Playboys from the 50’s. I wanted them so badly cause I thought they were really cool and beautiful. She didn’t let me buy them though. Instead, I was allowed to buy a Howdy Doody lunch box. Grumble grumble.

What movie scared you the most as a kid?
The Exorcist. I was traumatized.

What’s your pop-culture blind spot?
I’ve never seen Braveheart.

Let’s pretend you’re on death row - what’s your last meal?
Penne covered in turkey meat sauce.

What’s the first song you knew all the words to?
Every song from The Little Mermaid. I could quote the entire movie too, as could probably every girl my age.

What was your first car?
My beloved 1991 Honda Prelude which my mom sold to me for a dollar. I loved that car and hate driving automatics because of it.

What’s the biggest lie you ever told?
I’ve never really been a liar. I’m pretty bad at it. I skipped a lot of my 11th grade of school. I looked at it as sort of an unnecessary filler year. My best friend and I would take two buses to get to school every day and often get to the front door, look at each other and hop back on the two buses to head home. That, or we would sleep through our first three classes in the coffee shop next to our school. Our parents never knew so I guess we did a pretty good job of covering it up.