Everybody hates cheaters in online games, who often make use of bugs, exploits and technical hiccups to get an edge over other players. Overwatch developer Blizzard isn’t going to tolerate any of those shenanigans, however.

Last week, Blizzard published a post about how it’ll deal with cheating in Overwatch on its Battle.net portal. The short version: cheat and get banned from the game, permanently—no refunds, no mercy. That goes for using known exploits in the game’s code to get a leg up, or using third-party software to alter how the game plays. If you’re the kind of jerk who would make the game less fun for everyone else, Blizzard is giving you the boot.

The post includes an email address so players can report suspected cheaters to developers, but also mentions that those angry emails should be tempered with some reason. There are always going to be bugs in the game that Blizzard is trying to address, for one thing, and sometimes innocent things—like a camera bug Blizzard was aware of during the now-ended beta period—can look like underhanded cheating to the normal player. And Blizzard notes that some people just have unnatural, freakish shooter abilities and have been playing for most of their lives. Some things that can look like cheating are just the product of being really good at video games, or having a whole lot of free time.

In any event, tough policies against cheaters mean better experiences for the rest of us, at least hopefully. Meanwhile, if you’re sad you can’t cheat at Overwatch without the threat of getting kicked out of the game forever, you can console yourself with this new animated Overwatch short from Blizzard, which explains more backstory of the game’s characters.

Via VG247