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Overwatch developer Blizzard is making good on a promise to kick cheaters straight off the internet, apparently dooming thousands of people who try to ruin a great game for everyone else.

As Kotaku reports, cheaters are getting walloped en masse, with the makers of one cheat program actually shutting down their servers because their users are getting absolutely destroyed by Blizzard’s anti-cheating efforts. And it seems you can’t just uninstall Overwatch and buy a new copy of the game, either, according to PC Gamer. Once you’re banned, you’re banned, no matter how much money you sling in Blizzard’s direction as recompense. Apparently altering tech stuff like hard drive IDs and internet router MAC addresses isn’t saving people from doing their time, either.

Across the Pacific, Blizzard and its partner NetEase are ravaging cheaters just as fast, dismissing more than 1,500 players in one go. They even posted all the usernames of the cheaters, guaranteeing every single one will need a trip to the hospital to deal with that burn.

All of which is excellent. As one Overwatch hero, McCree, might say, justice ain’t gonna dispense itself, and Blizzard is definitely taking the justice-disbursement seriously.