There seems to be a porn version for just about any mainstream media art, from Disney princesses to Forrest Gump. So, naturally, the hype following the newly released video game Overwatch inevitably led to its rag-tag group of near-future heroes winding up in some pretty heavy-duty fan-made situations of unclothed compromise online. The game’s creator, Blizzard Entertainment, is making a point of taking them down — or are they?

Blizzard hasn’t put out anything official, but a security platform company named Irdeto is reportedly handing out DMCAs (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) to those posting pornographic photos and videos of Tracer, Mei, Soldier, and the rest of the disbanded peacekeeping task force. Everyone of course suspects Blizzard outsourced its daunting task (that additionally saves face).

The scandalous shots and scenes of the digital crew wasn’t a secret or anything. Pornhub was all about its early-May spike of 817% in Overwatch porn searches. Plus, when was the last time a video game came out with an attractive female character that the online world didn’t immediately turn into an adult film star. Here, some are more fans of the Overwatch porn that the actual game itself.

Whether this is a sharper response as fallout for the character of Tracer drumming up controversy for her over-the-shoulder butt-focused pose (as seen above), no one’s quite sure. It remains a mystery if Blizzard is indeed behind the take-downs, though it makes the most sense. Good luck erasing screwball cartoonish porn from the internet, Blizzard. You’d have an easier go at inventing time travel.