Well, it took 15 years, but the Zoolander sequel is finally here, and it looks appropriately bonkers. Ben Stiller is back in the title role, alongside his former rival Hansel (Owen Wilson), but this time they’re just old and lame has-beens struggling to adjust to a changing fashion scene. They seem to have lost their purpose in life, until a beautiful Interpol agent (Penelope Cruz) asks them to help her infiltrate the fashion world to stop a criminal mastermind from killing the world’s most beautiful people.

The trailer is crammed with celebrities, including the return of Will Ferrell as Mugatu, Kristen Wiig as a new (and very strange) fashion world force and Benedict Cumberbatch as…well, just see for yourself.

Oh, and Justin Bieber gets shot in like the first minute.

Zoolander 2 arrives February 12.