White has been the most popular car color in the United States for the past eight years. Discerning car buyers, however, want something a little less basic. For them, BMW has revealed its most expensive paint option ever. The Pure Metal Silver color option costs $10,000 and is only available on select models through BMW Individual, the carmaker’s customization program.

Pure Metal Silver is is made with hundreds of thousands of aluminum flakes to give it a metallic brilliance and extremely high reflectivity. It is almost like a chrome paint and has a light-dark effect where the color appears to change depending on your viewing angle. The process of applying the paint is separate from the usual assembly line. Even the tiniest dust particles are removed by hand, which helps explain why it is 40 times more expensive than a color in BMW’s baseline options.

See how the Pure Metal Silver color is created and painted on in the video below:

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