This is one of those times you see a ride and the phrase “Car of the Future” floats through your geared-up head. For its 100th birthday, BMW celebrated with the arrival of the Vision Next 100. Designed as a fun yet slick guess of how vehicles might look and function come 2116 (with the technology we actually have available right now), the BMW Vision Next 100 is a sports sedan that’s as wild as it is reasonable.

Like a lot of futuristic whips you see in sci-fi flicks, the Vision Next 100 uses holography and doesn’t necessarily need a driver in control. In “Boost” mode, holographic information aids and guides the driver. The key feature here is a video game-like driving line projection that shows upcoming obstacles and offers color-changing alerts. “Ease” mode, on the other hand, has the steering wheel folding away with the seat changing and a totally visual infotainment system taking over the windshield.

From the exterior’s design, the Vision Next 100 looks like it can fly, float, or time travel, thanks largely to its covered wheels. They’re also partially responsibly for the car’s low-drag coefficient of 0.18. BMW hasn’t laid out what’s happening with the engine though, so the mysterious future remains. Minority Report is finally here.

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