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By Playboy Staff


Fashion by Jennifer Ryan Jones Styling by Christopher Campbell for Atelier Management

We took hotshot pro skateboarders Stevie Williams, Tony Alva, Arto Saari and Brandon Biebel to a sun-bleached pool in Southern California, dressed them up in the freshest summer suits and turned them loose. Fashion has never looked so natty or so gnarly.

The Kick-Starter

Photography by Tony Kelly

Stevie Williams skated his way out of the mean streets of Philadelphia, hitchhiking across the country to launch his pro career in San Francisco. Once homeless, he’s now considered the Michael Jordan of skateboarding. Williams is also a successful entrepreneur, overseeing the thriving DGK (Dirty Ghetto Kids) skate-brand empire, which is inspired by the principles of struggle and self-reinvention.

Suit: Calvin Klein Collection, $1,250. Shirt: Ralph Lauren Purple Label, $450. ­Sunglasses: Carrera, $140. Tie: Ralph Lauren Purple Label, $215. Tie bar: The Tie Bar, $15. Belt: Hugo Boss, $115. Shoes: Supra, $95. Skateboard: DGK.

The Chairman of the Boards

Photography by Tony Kelly

Tony Alva is the elder statesman of modern skating. As a member of Venice, California’s legendary Z-Boys, Alva developed a revolutionary aggressive skating style (refined in empty pools like the one used for this shoot) that gave birth to many of the aerial tricks that remain the foundation of the acrobatic styles of today.

Vest and pants: Ralph Lauren Purple Label, $5,995 (part of suit). Shirt: Ralph Lauren Purple Label, $450. Tie: Ralph Lauren Purple Label, $215. Shoes: Vans, $65. Skateboard: Alva Skates.

The Visionary

Photography by Tony Kelly

As a teenager in Finland, Arto Saari sent videotapes of his street skating to American companies, eventually landing sponsors and becoming regarded as one of the top skaters in the sport. It wasn’t the last time the camera would lead him to great things. In addition to having a thriving skating career, Saari is an accomplished photographer and recently shot an ad campaign for Hurley.

Evening suit: Paul Smith, $2,325. Shirt: Turnbull & ­Asser, available at, $330. Sunglasses: Oakley, Saari’s own. Pocket square: Ralph Lauren Black Label, $115. Shoes: New Balance, $75. Skateboard: Flip.

The Road Warrior

Photography by Tony Kelly

Above, skating “Always be skating” could well be Brandon Biebel’s motto. Clocking thousands of miles a year skating for sponsors Red Bull, Girl, Dakine and others, Biebel embodies the wheel life as a technically adept master of street skating.

On Biebel - Suit: from Golyester Vintage Clothing, $248. Shirt: from Golyester Vintage Clothing, $225. Hat: Stetson, $175. Scarf: Burberry London, $375. Watch: Victorinox, $395. Shoes: Lakai, $70. Skateboard: Girl.

On Saari - Suit: Gucci, $2,100. Shirt: from Golyester Vintage Clothing, $148. Tie: from Golyester Vintage Clothing, $88. Pocket square: from Golyester Vintage Clothing, $28. Belt: ­Barneys New York, $145. Shoes: New Balance, $75.

Fashion by Jennifer Ryan Jones; Styling by Christopher Campbell for Atelier Management


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