It seems like every day — seriously, every friggin’ day — there is some announcement in The Hollywood Reporter or Variety about some actor of note joining the cast of some new superhero franchise film or TV show. It’s hard, if not pointless, to keep track. But seeing as how Boardwalk Empire is coming to a close, word that actor Shea Whigham has signed on to Marvel’s Agent Carter couldn’t come at a better time. Whigham, who plays brother and oft-used doormat to Empire star Steve Buscemi’s Nucki Thompson, has taken a role as the titular Carter’s handler in the period spy serial based on the character from Captain America: The First Avenger.

Shea Whigham is a hardworking big and small screen actor whose credits include everything from Machete to The Wolf of Wall Street to the last two David O. Russell movies. I stumbled upon his particularly engaging blend of bitterness, bile, and humor in the morbid indie fantasy Wristcutters: A Love Story:

Though hardly a household name, Whigham never fails to hold his own against brighter stars. While digging for the Wristcutters scene, I unearthed this clip of Whigham beautifully clowning the daylights out of tough guy Nicholas Cage in a movie I’ve never seen and, now, never have to watch in its entirety:

And, of course, for five seasons, it has been a joy to watch Whigham and Buscemi go head-to-head as brothers between whom nothing but bad blood flows: