There’s one love, one heart and only one official Bob Marley weed.

Bob Marley’s family has teamed up with a private equity firm to create Marley Natural, the first global cannabis brand. Marley Natural will produce and distribute six strains of organic, “heirloom” marijuana plus lotions and balms derived from hemp. The line has secretly been in the works since 2013.

Marley Natural

Marley Natural

Cedella Marley, Bob’s daughter, says he would have been happy to see this day. “He viewed the herb as something spiritual that could awaken our well-being, deepen our reflection, connect us to nature and liberate our creativity,” she said in a statement. “Marley Natural is an authentic way to honor his legacy by adding his voice to the conversation about cannabis and helping end the social harms caused by prohibition.”

Marley Natural’s marijuana strains are inspired by the late reggae musician’s personal favorites including Pineapple Skunk and Lamb’s Bread. The company will contract legal American growers to produce the crop using organic soil and fertilizers. The topical creams will also be made in the U.S., but will contain Jamaican botanicals such as aloe and coconut and hemp grown in Europe and Canada. Later, Marley Natural will take over all growing operations.

Look for the products on dispensary shelves in late 2015.

(via FastCo)

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