My heart just pooped its pants: Philadelphia’s Royal Tavern is now recreating Bob’s Burgers’ weird Burger-of-the-Day specials for hungry fans. Last night it debuted the Halloween-themed Jack-O-Lentil: a veggie burger in a brioche bun topped with pumpkin habañero aioli, wilted spinach, tomato and poblano salad (below).

That fictional burger—lifted from season 3, episode 2—will be available until November 2, when Royal Tavern will reveal its next burger, Mushroom With A View (season 3, episode 12). New burgers will be unveiled every Sunday at five P.M. for the next 11 weeks. None of them are expected to include human flesh.

Can’t make it to Philly? The Bob’s Burger Experiment cooking blog recreates all of the show’s punny burger ideas and includes recipes you can try at home.

Royal Tavern

Royal Tavern

(via Thrillist)

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