Society tends to stereotype bodybuilders as meatheads who don’t make up the most intelligent of subcultures.

This discussion forum won’t do much to change peoples’ minds. It is, essentially, an argument over how many days are in a week. (The answer is seven.)

The conversation starts with a post from a member who asks: “If I go every other day I will be at the gym 4-5 times a week, is that over training?”

“That makes no sense. There are only 7 days in a week. If you go every other day that is 3.5 times a week,” answers a commenter, who seems to fully grasp that no matter what happens, there are always seven days in one week—that is’t just the way it is.

Then another bodybuilder, “TheJosh”, gets in on the action. He can’t even begin to handle the fact that all weeks have an odd number of days, and that that number of days is seven.

Others chime in to explain to “TheJosh” that he is making no sense, but “TheJosh” is having none of that shit.

He actually called this dude out for being “All muscle and no brains.”

“TheJosh” continues to state his case through pages of the forum, refusing to admit that he is wrong. He asks posters if they are “retarded,” and tells them they should look at a “calandar.”

Eventually, “TheJosh” attempts to convince the rest of the forum that he was just fucking with and trolling them.

I seriously doubt he was.

It’s probably worth your time to read the entire back-and-forth on the forum. It goes on for a while, but manages to stay pretty entertaining, if somewhat depressing.