There have been a lot of stupid Internet trends over the years. There was “planking”, we had “coning”, we endured the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, and even as recently as this week we had the #CharlieCharlieChallenge. With the exception of the Ice Bucket Challenge, they’ve all been relatively useless and moronic. Well, there’s a new trends sweeping through the World Wide Web that’s actually VERY smart. It’s called the Booty Flip Cup Challenge and I am in full support of it.

For those unfamiliar with the original drinking game, Flip Cup has actually been around for ages. Essentially, two or more people must race to finish their drink, then flip their empty cup upside down on the table. Placing the down-ward facing cup strategically on the table, so that it’s partially over the edge, the player must then flick the cup so that it soars in the air and lands on its base again. If you fail then you must keep going until you succeed.

Booty Flip Cup is essentially the same idea, only minus the drinking, done on your butt rather than on a table, and rather than flicking the cup, you must use your twerking abilities to do so.

Take a look. This is a trend we can absolutely get behind (see what I did there?).

Biggest accomplishment to date🏆☝🏼 #bootyflipcup #lifegoals #winner #twerkislife

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Rs rs #bootyflipcup #flipcup

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Can your best friend flip a cup on her ass!? Mine can! #flipcup #bootyflipcup #goals @rlest19xx

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Proud of this moment! 🏆🍑😏 #BootyFlipCup #flipthatcup (that song was a total coincidence😉) #pleaseexcusemystretchies

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Boootyy flip cuppppp #bootyflipcupchallenge

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Sorry i had too , but im a classy broad #filpcup #bootyflipcupchallenge #bootyflipcup #booty . Your turn @vry1223 lma

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If you’re a hot girl with the ability to shake her butt, then I highly recommend giving it a try! (And send me a video of the results please)