American electro and future house producer Borgeous is known for his main floor ready hits accompanied by dreamy music videos. And tracks like “Invincible,” “They Don’t Know Us” and “Wildfire” are super successful examples of this. Obviously well-versed in providing fans a unique story with each track, he once again created another unique video with stunning visuals for his brand-new release “Souls” featuring vocals from M. Bronx.

Premiering exclusively on, the music video for “Souls” features Borgeous as a modern day casanova chasing around multiple love interests.

Hey, we’re Playboy, we can always get behind a beautiful woman. On top of the release of “Souls,” available on Itunes Friday, Borgeous also released another new track available for free download as well on Friday called “Sins.”

All coming off his latest hit “Zero Gravity,” it’s safe to say Borgeous is having a pretty decent 2015.

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