Would you take a needle to the dick if it would cure erectile disfunction? While we’ve already established that men are undergoing similar procedures to lengthen their disco sticks, it appears that Botox—a bacterial toxin that is commonly injected into the face and neck to smooth wrinkles—could help patients who suffer from erectile disfunction too. This is a big deal, as research has found that 52 percent of men have experienced difficulties with erectile function.

While drugs like Viagra and Cialis are readily available and effective (less than 10 percent of older men reported continued erectile issues after the drug was taken), a study from the University of Manchester found that pills do nothing to help ED when sex is spontaneous, as access to them is mostly limited to your nightstand or medicine cabinet. There are also medical reasons some can’t take the “miracle pill” as it can cause steep, unsafe drops in blood pressure.

The way Botox works on the face mirrors how it works in men’s main veins. To erase wrinkles, Botox is injected to block the nerve impulses that cause muscles to contract. Some researchers argue this same muscle-contracting mechanism, which encourages blood flow, can assist an erection. And get this: Instead of lasting up to five measly hours, as men do on Viagra, Botox would work for months. The approach has proven so successful that researchers write it “represents a promising avenue for future experimental and clinical research for the treatment of ED.“ Plus, one study of 12 men who were nonresponsive to other ED treatments showed improved blood flow and increased sexual function after two weeks of the botox treatment.

Before the invasive procedure can puncture a boner though, it must goes through a series of clinical trials under the supervision of an institutional review board. And while we could assume most men would be apprehensive of the procedure, because you’re literally taking a shot to the dick, the burgeoning trend of “scrotox”, or injecting Botox into the scrotum for a smoother appearance, has already proven men will do just about anything to their bits as long as it gets them laid. Provided the pending trials prove effectual, Botox could become a serious contender in men’s continued battle with ED.