At no point whatsoever in this video do you think, “Oh, this will work.” No. That fleeting thought never enters your head. From the instance this doofus gently enters the river in a Porsche Cayenne to the moment all hope is lost, you remain a huge skeptic. It fails miserably, because it was obviously going to.

Can you imagine being this driver trying to explain the failed attempt later? The first indignant question from a friend would be, “What, why?”

“Yeah, I don’t know,” you might bashfully mumble. “I just kind of wished my car was a boat so badly that I thought I could force a change of its entire build and purpose to suit my clearly whimsical desires.”

Or maybe you’ll answer truthfully, “I have absolutely no idea why I thought that would work. I don’t know what a car is, I don’t understand their purpose or function, and I thought it’d be cool to try and wreck something expensive.”

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