There’s finally a release date for The Witness, indie developer Jonathan Blow’s follow-up to 2008’s Braid.

According to a post on the Playstation Blog, The Witness will hit Playstation 4 on Jan. 26, and as its new trailer shows, it’ll take players through a mysterious, but by no means empty, island.

As far as indie games are concerned, Braid is one of the most famous. Released in 2008, it featured Super Mario-like levels that players had to solve by manipulating time using various different mechanics. Blow and the game were a big part of Indie Game: The Movie, and fans have been waiting for the developer’s next title ever since. It’s been a long wait, thanks largely to the fact that The Witness is much larger than Braid, and but still being built by a small team.

The Witness is full of puzzles that require players to draw lines across grid-like panels, with more and more elements being added over time. But what you’re really doing is unlocking and exploring new areas of the island. From the sounds of things, The Witness will keep players busy solving puzzles and adventuring across its huge, lush island for a long time.