The disappointment streaming from the decision made to not indict two Caucasian police officers for the deaths of unarmed African American victims Michael Brown and Eric Garner, is conceivable. These decisions seem to indicate that American justice system does not value the lives of minorities as it does the lives of everyone else and it has stoked a rebellious fire in citizens around the world.

The outrage isn’t dying and the news keeps coming: Bridges are being shut down, students are getting arrested and rallies are being organized —activists, journalists, public figures and citizens from different backgrounds have continued to use Twitter to report on real time events. Hashtags such as #ferguson, #blacklivesmatter, and #icantbreathe continue to trend. As horrible as the cause may be, it’s actually a beautiful thing to see the internet used to do more than share pictures of cute kitties climbing into or out of boxes.

Here are eleven of the best Twitter feeds with smart things to say about #BlackLivesMatter.

Jay Smooth
Founder and host of WBAI’s longest-running hip hop radio show Underground Railroad. Social commentator for Ill Doctrine and multimedia producer for Race Forward.

Ta-Nehisi Coates
Senior editor for The Atlantic and journalist-in-residence of CUNY’s Graduate School of Journalism. Contributor to The New York Times Magazine, Washington Post, The Washington Monthly. Awarded 2013 National Magazine Award for opinion and critique.

Gene Demby
Editor of NPR’s Code Switch blog. Former managing editor at The Washington Post. Founder and editor of the political blog Post Burgie which was awarded the 2009 Black Weblog Award for Best News/Politics Site.

Chris Rock
Emmy award-winning comedian, writer, actor, producer and director.

Christina Greer
Political scientist and assistant professor at Fordham University. Author of Black Ethnics: Race, Immigration and the Pursuit of the American Dream.

John Legend
Singer-songwriter. Winner of nine Grammy Music Awards

Trymaine Lee
Writer-reporter for MSNBC. Former columnist for the Times Picayune and Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for journalism for his Hurricane Katrina coverage.

Wesley Lowery
Political reporter for the Washington Post. Selected as the 2014 Emerging Journalist of the Year.

Ryan Reilly
Justice and political reporter for the Huffington Post. Covers news on Guantanamo, Ferguson and Department of Transportation.

Antonio French
Alderman of the 21stWard in St. Louis. Founder of North Campus, a program dedicated to prepare children for higher education. Heavily involved in #BlackLivesMatterMovement

Andrew J. Padilla
Independent journalist and filmmaker based in New York City. Creator of the award-winning documentary El Barrio.